Open Science policies and mandates in African HEIs

Dar Es-Salaam

Dar Es-Salaam

University of Dar Es- Salaam

On behalf of the Governing Board, I write to invite you to a workshop on Advocacy and Capacity Building in Open Access (OA) and Open Science (OS) to top management staff (Vice-Chancellors, Presidents and Rectors and  Deputy Vice Chancellors Directors of Research and  Library Services of AAU member Institutions).

The goal of the meeting is Creating and Implementing Open Access and Open Science policies and mandates in the respective AAU member institutions.

This workshop is planned for 14-15th July and  will be a blended workshop running from 9am to 2pm EAT each day, which, will be hosted  by the University of  Dar Es Salaam

As defined by the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, Open Science is a movement aiming to make science more open, accessible, efficient, democratic and transparent. The transition to Open Science allows scientific information, data and outputs to be more widely accessible (Open Access) and more reliably harnessed (Open Data) with the active engagement of all relevant stakeholders (Open to Society). 

The Open Access/Open Science workshops targeting research leadership in AAU member regions and universities is proposed with the objective of  creating awareness  and  education on the importance and best practice of Open Access/Open Science. The desired outcome is engagement and buy-in by the academic community on the adoption of Open Science. 
TCC Africa and PLOS are supporting partners in this initiative. 
 • Effective adoption of Open Science and Open Access practice among members 
 • Increased education and awareness on Open Science and Open Access in the AAU member academic community
 Objective of the workshops
 • To create  and embrace open science  and open access in the respective  member academic communities
 • To understand the current developments on open science, challenges faced  in their respective academic communities  and  opportunities on open science and  open access
 • To reduce the push back on the adoption of Open Science  and Open Access by early career researchers.
 • To create awareness on how Open Science  aids  in  higher education institutions competitiveness

The meeting is free to attend. Participants take care of their accommodation and/or transport for the two days.

The registration link is 

Internal Logistics
Please  go to this  Tanzania  Accommodation Logistics link to book  your internal transport  and accommodation, which are approximately a 15 minutes drive from University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

You can also attend the meeting online by registering and joining via this link

Open Science Mandates for African HEIs Meeting
Abednego Corletey,
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