2nd Legal Issues in Higher Education Administration Seminar

AAU Secretariat, Accra, Ghana

AAU Secretariat, Accra, Ghana


Internationalisation, complex management and leadership structures in higher education institutions has exposed universities to an array of complex legal situations. Now more than ever, universities face increased scrutiny and rapidly changing expectations from state institutions, state legislature, corporate community, parents and myriad of stakeholders. More also, emergence of new law with regards to statutes, regulations, judge-made “common law” has made the task of university management a daunting task, which if not well informed and managed can sink the university into countless legal battles.  This 2-day seminar would create a platform for all university leaders and those in management positions at the university to identify current legal issues facing HEIs and develop strategies to deal with the emerging issues.

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Schenineda Ankomah
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