Workshop on Best Practices in Donor Fund Management

Nobleza Hotel

Nobleza Hotel

Kigali city, Kicukiro-Bugesera Road, RN 15

Many institutions lose projects and continuous support from funding sources due to poor performance of the project and poor grant management systems respectively. The consequences of any failed program are highly damaging to any institution. Not only are national wealth and development opportunity lost, trust is also lost and most adversely, the chance of the same Development Agency or another having interest in that institution is shrunk. Best practices in donor fund management needs to be ensured at all levels of the project or grant life cycle in order to achieve success.

This 4-day interactive training workshop covers best practices in donor fund management in depth, covering topics from preparation of preliminary request document to leadership, integrity and corruption in project delivery. Attendees or whoever may at any time play the role of a Program Manager for a Development Agencies’ supported project will be equipped with broad knowledge and skills required to successful implement such projects in a way that guarantees the expected outputs, outcomes and impact of the project.

Mr. Schenineda Ankomah
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